Thursday, February 18, 2010

Louise Glück

everyone forgive me for not having quotes for her instead here is a sweet little poem instead. I have read this poem before and just can't remember when.

"The Red Poppy"

The great thing
is not having
a mind. Feelings:
oh, I have those; they
govern me. I have
a lord in heaven
called the sun, and open
for him, showing him
the fire of my own heart, fire
like his presence.
What could such glory be
if not a heart? Oh my brothers and sisters,
were you like me once, long ago,
before you were human? Did you
permit yourselves
to open once, who would never
open again? Because in truth
I am speaking now
the way you do. I speak
because I am shattered."
— Louise Glück

Penelope's Song

Maria Callas is one thing that jumps out at me. I understand Penelope is singing out her loneliness to her husband, but I think it ironic she names Maria Callas. Callas was the one person that Aristotle Onassis could not live without despite his marriage to Jackie Kennedy. I wonder if Odysseus is Penelope's Onassis. They have both have people wanting them, but deep in their heart they only love each other. I could just be a romantic and believe everyone has that one great love that could survive anything.